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In general, used classic car parts will be cheaper than new parts or newly built replicate parts. Used classic car parts may be perfect for interior or cosmetic parts, but may not be suitable for safety parts such as the brake system or steering system, especially if the car you are restoring is very old. Safety standards and features have come a long way, and older parts may not be reliable or meet today's safety standards. Retrofitting your classic car with newer brakes or steering system may not be that hard. Online forums and groups surrounding your model may hold information. Nearly all classic car fans, restorers, and avid car buffs will share their knowledge with you if you just ask. At Classicarco.com we can any part that you need to help restore your classic car to perfection.

If you need any help in finding that part or need assistance in transporting your classic car, or need a professional to help repair your classic car then please do contact us.

Triumph Roadster - Classic Car Repairs
Triumph Roadster 1948

Full body restoration; including timber framework and aluminium welding on the rear body.
Alfa - Classic Car Restoration
We have a passion for Italian cars, & have restored many Giulia Coupes & Saloons.

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