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Classic and vintage car owners often find themselves hard-pressed to decide how to handle a cross-country move with their baby in tow. Fear of allowing someone else to move the vehicle is only topped by concerns over driving it themselves, facing road hazards along the way. Classicarco.com car moving is a great solution to both problems.

Providing a way for classic and vintage car transportation includes professional assistance and enclosed carriers, Classicarco.com car moving eliminates a lot of worry. At the same time, since the owner of the classic or vintage car is along for the transport, there`s no fear of having to be too far away from the car during the long trip.

Triumph Roadster - Classic Car Repairs
Triumph Roadster 1948

Full body restoration; including timber framework and aluminium welding on the rear body.
Alfa - Classic Car Restoration
We have a passion for Italian cars, & have restored many Giulia Coupes & Saloons.

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